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The Dream Doctors Project

Proposal presented by: Red Nose Factory

To The Dream Doctors Project,

I present this proposal to you by request of Nimrod Eisenberg. Red Nose Factory and The Dream Doctors have already begun an exciting friendship and I have been honored to play a small part in the inspiring work that you and your clowns continue to achieve. Our mission is to help clowns help the world and your organization epitomizes the kind of work that we strive to support.

Please take a moment to review this proposal and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Chad Stender – Owner/Artist 

Scope of Services

Bulk Nose Order for Annual Employee Gift - 110 Units

One hundred and ten handmade Funny Bone Clown Noses™. Specific nose shapes to be chosen by the client from our selection of twenty unique designs as well as a limited choice of 8-10 colors still to be determined. Each nose will come in a crush-proof, two-piece box and will be assigned and labeled with a unique code of authenticity.


Estimated Timeline:

July - August

1 - 2 Months
Packaging and Delivery
1-2 weeks

Your Investment

110 Units
UPS International Shipping Cost

Total: $4943.82

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Red Nose Factory's mission is to help clowns help the world. We have revolutionized the art of clowning with our exclusive Funny Bone Clown Nose™, the worlds first stringless and glueless costume nose designed to be taken on and off with ease and be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Our noses are handmade in Oregon, USA and worn with confidence by performers all over the world.