How to pick your nose

Noses are like feet and come in all shapes and sizes. Our self-attaching clown noses works best when they fit snug and cover your nostrils completely. There are two sizing aspects that are most important when choosing your Red Nose Factory nose: the width and the bridge. In the description for each nose, you will find a ‘maximum nose width’. This is the maximum width of the wearers nose that this clown nose will accommodate. To measure your nose width put a ruler under your nose like it is a mustache and measure from the outside of each nostril.

Compare your nose width with the measurement in our nose descriptions. The biggest worry is that your nose is too wide, and the clown nose will not wrap fully around your nostril curves. If you are a female, then you do not have too much to worry about here. If you are a male then a few of our noses such as the Julie Goell, the Little Tramp, the Moms Mabley and the Guilietta Masina might be too small to fully hug your nose. As well, a few of our noses are designed for people with pronounced bridges such as the Large W.C. Fields, the Carlo Mazzone and the Yakko Warner. These noses may be too loose for a person with a slender bridge, usually females.

If you believe that you possess a nose of distinct or unusual characteristics, please send us a photo of it and we can help you choose your new nose. We want you to look good and feel comfortable as you clown around, and we are happy to make minor adjustments to make sure that you are. That being said, we cannot be responsible for fitting issues on received noses. Please read the sizing maximums for each nose in its description. Concerns and clarifications about your unique nose must be communicated to us when orders are placed. So, -do not be shy. We have seen it all.