Frequently asked questions

How does a 'self-attaching' clown nose work?

Red Nose Factory noses are handmade with an exclusive, built-in attachment. The Funny Bone. Easy to put on and easy to take off. It’s a tiny flexible horseshoe with little balls on the ends. They go inside your nose and apply a light pressure in the tips of your nostrils which holds the nose snug to your face. Combined with thoughtful shapes and fitted contours our noses hug the face providing comfort and stability. No more fishing line. No more superglue. No more chewed up bubble gum. Please read our reviews to hear what our happy customers have to say.

Your noses include measurements. How do I choose a nose that fits me?

Noses are like feet and come in all shapes and sizes. Our noses are designed to work best when they fit snug. That is what makes them comfortable to wear and easy to use. Some of our designs are sized for small noses and may not cover the nostrils completely. Some are sized for clowns with large noses and would be too loose on a petit person. Read each nose description to find out who it will fit. Measure your nose width using the image provided with the product and compare. And please contact us if you need help picking your nose.

Can my nose be a color other than red?

-Yes! Custom color requests are welcome and we always do our best to achieve the exact color you are looking for. We do all skin tones as well as blue, purple, green, pink, even lavender. Tell us the color you want at your time of purchase or send a digital color sample.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the world. International shipping takes 2-3 weeks and all orders are shipped in 3-5 business days. Use the shipping calculator on our check-out page to find out the shipping costs to your amazing country.


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