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Our Signature Noses

Our noses are named after the comic performers who inspired them: the Emmett Kelly, the Little Tramp, the Giulietta Masina, etc. Each one has been designed and sculpted by hand and, like their namesakes, expresses a unique and compelling sense of character.

Our noses are all hand-crafted. They are sculpted in clay on a plaster face and are than replicated, inside and out, through a series of molds until the final mold, the mother mold, is layered with the highest quality red liquid latex.

What people are saying

“I love this nose! The Funny Bone attachment is wonderful. I wore it all day at work and it never felt like it was going to come off. Great work!”
– Jeremiah Johnson, Texas
“Love theses noses! I have a medium size nose and the larger noses fit me very well and the smaller ones fit fine with the nose ring attachment they stay on snugly and don’t fall off. They are made with the highest of quality and would totally recommend them to any performer.”
-Geoffrey Marsh, New York
“The nose was just what I needed for my costume since I didn’t want to buy a cheap one. Definitely worth it<3. It fit perfectly. Highly recommend!”
-Kaelyn Wilson, California

Custom & Tailored Noses

Custom colors and shapes including skin tones and prosthetics. Accoutrements like mustaches and moles. We can offer consultation, design and creation of one-of-a-kind noses sculpted to fit your face distinctly or to compliment your clown character perfectly. Now you have a friend in the clown nose business.